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Shout "YEAST!"

World record breaking attempts from the Yeast Community.

On a dark night.

In November 2014.

In the deepest countryside in South West England

A party assembled to break a world record.

180 yeast related people gathered at YeastFest music festival, and set a new world record for the most people in one room to shout YEAST simultaneously!

On secret locaion in a Japanese shrine.

In June 2015.

Another party was especially assembled to break the world record.

210 people shouted "YEAST" simultaneously and made history!

Near a small lake in the Northern territories of Italy.

In September 2015.

An elite gathering was held to claim the trophy

190 people very passionately shouted "YEAST". Could we break the world record for the volume of a group of scientists to shout "yeast" simultaneously? Unfortunately not. Due to dodgy travel arrangements and over consumption of food, sound levels (normalised for venue size) only hit 108db.

Better luck next time!

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