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British Yeast Group Meeting 2014

The first ever Carl Singer Foundation Session was held at the 2014 British Yeast Group Meeting in Exeter. And it was a great success! The thirteen brave participants, many of whom hadn't previously addressed an audience of this size before, were challenged to present their work for an action-packed six minute slot.

And as if this wasn't hard enough, they were each given a different comedy phrase to sneak into their talk, and a dance move to incorporate! We call it... Biology Treasure Hunt!

As you'll see from this video of the funniest bits, the Treasure Hunt (rubbish name, sorry) went down very well with the audience. Congratulations to ??? for spotting more of the 'treasures' correctly than anybody else. It wasn't easy!

As for the talks, points were awarded by four judges across four catagories which were: clarity and engagement; scientific content; humour; and treasure integration. And the extraordinary winners were:

1st Place, £300: Jessica Fletcher, Bangor University, for 'Re-programming the DNA damage signalling pathway: A novel role of Cds1 Chk2 kinase'.

2nd Place, £150: Steven Brown, University of Exeter, for 'An experimental design approach for engineering carbon metabolism towards industrially desirable products in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae'.

3rd Place, £75: Iaroslava Kos, Newcastle University, for 'Delineating the molecular and redox mechanisms of Candida albicans Cap1 transcriptional factor inactivation following simultaneous exposure to cationic and oxidative stresses'.

"a BIG THANK YOU for such an amazing session and such a generous prize! You are doing a great job in promoting the yeast science among young people, great appreciation!"

The full talks of the most sporting participants who don't mind their reputation or their science being compromised can be found on the CSF YouTube Channel.

Thanks very much to everybody involved. And thanks to UCL and the Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers for being the biggest supporters of The Carl Singer Foundation. If you would like to find out more about about the Worshipful Company please visit

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