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Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers

We are very happy to announce the full support of the Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers. They have donated kindly to the CSF to help support, in particular, the Carl Singer Sessions at conferences.

The WCISM have been supporting science, technology and education since 1956. It is one of the youngest of the City of London Livery Companies, all of which play an important part in civic, social life and networking in the city and have a long history of cultural and educational patronage. Other Livery Companies include the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers, of Brewers, of Spectacle Makers and of Musicians. There are 110 in total and the eldest received charters in 1327.

Due to their rich history, some funny historical artifacts remain associated with these institutions. As a livery member and, by virtue, a Freeman of the City of London, one still has various special privilages. These include hanging by silk rope for committing treason, and wandering around the City wielding a sword. The following example, the freedom to herd sheep across London Bridge, was a privaliage that was exercised by Carl Singer when he was the Master of the WCSIM!

Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers, we thank you very much.

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